Greetings and welcome to my site.  I am known as Adelheit Schwarzenkatze in the Society for Creative anachronism.

I mainly study the middle and upper class people living in the Germanic regions during the sixteenth century.  My main focus is on their clothing, but I also explore other area of their lifestyle, including their culinary delights, scribal arts and whatever shiny thing happens to catch my eye at the moment.

While I prefer to make German styles for myself, I have been known to veer off to explore clothing of other countries and times, including Elizabethan, Burgundian, Norse and Italian Renaissance.

I started this site in order to have a place to organize my thoughts and experiments as they come about.  Hopefully, putting this information out there will someday help someone else as well.

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Dressing in the Reformation: 16th Century German Regional Dress

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